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Client Testimonials

Newest Reviews from 2016 Patients

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the exceptional care and service provided by the Envision Team. I have been a client for more than 15 years and can honestly say it is one of the few establishments in town where customer’s service consistently exceeds my expectations.

Dr. Loose has looked after the examination and prescriptive needs of my entire family and I have found him to be knowledgeable, informative and approachable. Both my husband and I have had numerous changes in vision over the years and we have developed great trust in Dr. Loose. His schedule seems well managed and it is not difficult to get an appointment in a timely manner.

We have also been extremely well treated by the rest of the Envision team – Jan, Kim and Kathleen. Whether it’s a quite stop to make an adjustment or lengthy visit for an examination and to choose a frame, all three women are friendly, helpful and take a personal interest in us as clients. Jan, in particular, has consistently gone above and beyond to assist both my husband and I in finding just the right frame many times over the years. Her personal sense of style is a definite attribute in this regard. Kim and Kathleen are always honest in their opinion to which is very helpful when trying to make a decision. Customer satisfaction is paramount to this team and as I mentioned earlier, is hard to find these days.

Of special mention is the donation of 27 pairs of sunglasses provided by Envision last year when I travelled to Tanzania Africa. I was able to give sunglasses to some of the most impoverished people in Longuido, Tanzania. The delighted smiles of some of the women who were the benefactors was one of the highlights of my trip. They expressed sincere gratitude for a simple pair of sunglasses – something we often take for granted but a luxury they have never experienced. This is one example of the “community” spirit present among the Envision Team.

Many thanks again for continuing to provide exceptional service." - JK


Comments from Patients of Kim - Licensed Optician

"Warm, compassionate, calm, informative and made sure I felt comfortable and understood what was happening with my son’s overnight corneal reshaping lenses." - NW


"Has always been friendly, professional and goes out of her way to help me.  She is very patient with me, especially when I first came to Envision Eye Health Clinic."  -   JB


"I was super nervous before my contact lens fit but Kim made it super comfortable for me and explained things thoroughly.   I have since recommended that three friends see Kim." - RR

Testimonials from OCR patients

"The [OCR lenses] have made life a lot easier because now I can do gymnastics without glasses. It also helps with school, it is easy to see the board and not having to wear glasses is nice. Wearing them at night is very convenient because most of the time I don’t even realize they are in. It is a lot better than day time contacts, because I don’t have to worry about them irritating my eyes during the day." - Jenna B


"My [OCR lenses] make my life/wearing contacts so much more convenient. I don’t have to worry about loose screws or fogged lenses on glasses, dry eyes during the day or lenses falling out. I can swim and play sports with no inconvenience. I like that these lenses are worn while sleeping. That is THE best part about them." - Sara G


"As a parent of an [OCR lens] wearer I have been pleasantly surprised at how easily Kieran adapted to wearing the lenses at night. It was a bit of a struggle at first to get used to putting the contacts in but he was very good at working through the initial discomfort in sleeping with something foreign in his eyes! Now on the few occasions he does not wear them at night, he finds he misses them! Not wearing contacts during the day has been a blessing for such an active person-no worries on the basketball court of losing a lens or during his swim lessons on his way to lifeguarding-the total freedom during the day has been ideal for a busy school student." - Nadine K


Testimonials from Facebook

"My daughter wears glasses and the customer service we received from Envision was fabulous. Great Staff, clean, and a huge selection of eye wear!!! Thank you for helping us! " - J. Cash


"Saw Angela and Dr Loose got help with picking frames, on my way with glasses satisfied after 30 years." - J. Nightingale